Ghosts in the Flophouse

Ghosts in the Flophouse

May 20, 2007

After several months on the road writing, recording, and releasing material on a breakneck schedule with Stubbornly Curious, I had learned to assess the situation that I was living in and make art out of it. The situation I landed in in Portland, OR was a doozy. I had become "caretaker"of a recently abandoned flophouse. A 60+ room haunted house filled with the stench of death and decay. I dove right in, living isolated in this decrepit edifice for 6 months. Ghosts In The Flophouse is the output.

The mental price that I paid from communing with ghosts took much longer than 6 months to get over, but I feel the resulting art is some of the best work that I have ever done. I now use it as an annual Halloween fund-raiser for Sisters of The Road and Street Roots, two organizations that fight homelessness in NW Portland, OR.

Ghosts in the Flophouse in Streetroots

Ghosts In The Flophouse

M Luketan

Ghosts In The Flophouse the album comes to you as a musical allegory, intertwining the forgotten souls of 2241 NW Hoyt Street with the oft-ignored destitute of our neighborhoods & cities.

Warning Signs

Ghosts In The Flophouse

Mother Less Child

The Ballad Of Uncle Joad

New Old Love

Real Ghosts in the Flophouse

I recorded a few late-night sessions in the flophouse during my stay. This one in particular has about 30 seconds of conversing spirits during one of the breaks at 10:42. This version has some audacity processing, in an attempt to bring out the ghosts' voices.