Stubbornly Curious

Stubbornly Curious

Stubbornly Curious

Dissatisfied with the paradigm of the "album", I set out on a journey for places unknown with the idea of creating fresh, original music quickly. Over the span of a few months I produced four "podcasts" under the Stubbornly Curious title, each one a self-contained entity but not stuck under the confines, rules, and regulations of what an "album" should be. Along the way I learned about the production, management, and promotion cycle quickly! I also helped build a house, had many great adventures, met many great people, crossed the country from Georgia to Oregon, and even managed to have my own radio show. Altered Sounds was an experimental radio show of found sound manipulation, and the skills I learned there were put into direct use for my next project, Ghosts In The Flophouse.

Forgotten Transmissions #1

Lexington, GA

Forgotten Transmissions

The Question A Folk Opera

The Bird Lady

The Affair

Lament Of The Queen Of Hearts

Return of the Wandering Jew

Tucker, GA

Return Of The Wandering Jew


Post Postmodern Life

Ballad Of Old Man Aaron

Stubbornly Curious #3

Asheville, NC

Stubbornly Curious no. 3


The Hive

Place In Time

Revolution or Suicide

Whitefish, MT / Portland, OR

Revolution Or Suicide

Lovers Note

Soldiers Letter

Revolution Or Suicide

Clocks Marx Work

Portland, OR


Clocks Marx Work